Obama broke campaign finance rules and is now paying the price.

<<<< Understand that it was Obama who broke his promise to abide by campaign finance rules, back in 2008.  While he whines about the money being raised against his presidency,  he is the one who set the standard for the recent rush of campaign contributions,  not the GOP.  

Obama Trails Romney Again in Battle for Campaign Cash for second consecutive month

Several top Obama donors said privately that Mr. Obama’s attacks on Mr. Romney’s private equity career, the president’s handling of White House relations with business leaders and his criticisms of tax rates for the wealthy had made it harder for some of his allies to raise money on Mr. Obama’s behalf from the financial sector and other industries.
“He will not have the same level of support from the business community as last time — either in endorsements, money or support,” said one Obama backer who declined to be identified because of his relationship with the campaign. “That’s clear.” . . . . .  read the full article here.
Editor's notes: Understand that comparing Obama 2012 to Obama 2008 is not the only comparison that is worth the mention.  

When we compare the GOP 2008 financial campaign ($530 million) to the GOP 2012 campaign season,  with Romney on track to raise $800,  the difference is telling and adds to the cautious warning in the words of our news blub. 

Last month (June),  Obama raised $70 million compared to Romney’s $106 million and is spending at three times the rate of Romney.  In Iowa,  for example,  Obama has purchased 42,000 advertising ratings points,   the bulk of which are extremely negative ads railing against Romney on a personal level.   You should know that the media industry recommends the purchase of 1,000 ratings points to ensure full saturation for a particular advertisement. In short,  Obama is flooding the Iowa market with negative adds in this state. 

In the end and to date,  he is polling down in the black community,  with young college aged voters,  with women  ---  traditionally,  his voting strength.