Here are some stats that tell us all, just how bad things are going for the Slickmeister.

If you locate "April 15" on the chart below and study the chart from that time forward,  you will note that Romney has enjoyed 5 periods of extended 
separation and may now be in his sixth such occasion.  Obama 
has had two such separations.   

Obama's attacks on Bain Capital have affected only 25% of those who have been surveyed. In other words,  his attacks
on Mitt Romney are having no serious effect, whatsoever.  

The non-partisan Rasmussen Reports shows Obama's approval numbers back to 45% while those who “strongly approve” and
 are willing to actively work for his presidency remains at a
low "26%."  This last number stood at 46% at time of his
2008 election.

 Presidential Approval Index  
 Strongly Approve
 Strongly Disapprove
 Total Approve
 Total Disapprove

One final statistic:  at this same time in 2008,  black voter registration was running 7% higher than it is,  today.  He is also running behind in voter registration among women and young adults.