Is Sarah being snubbed by the GOP and Mitt Romney?

Understand one thing,  this snub, subtle as it might be,   is not against Sarah,  it is an overt attack on the TEA Party.  How should we respond?  With grace in the face of enemy  fire.  Our work is not yet completed.  TEA Party conservatives have dragged the GOP,  kicking and screaming  (John McCain included) into the 21stcentury and the realities of our spend-happy past.

If Sarah is being snubbed,  you must believe that there is a strong and increasing contingency in Congress,  supportive of her agenda, a group of people she has helped win their elections,  a group of legislators who are appreciative of her focus and her patriotic agenda.  

She should not make this about herself,  and I would be shocked if she did.  Sarah Palin has proven herself to the consummate leader of the patriot nation, time and time again.   While Michele Bachmann has done much in this regard,  Palin has handled the lime light more effectively. 

The snub, if a fact,  is meaningless.  The Establishment GOP is on its way out and that is the fact that must be dealt with.  I can tell you one thing for certain,  if Romney works against TEA Party values during his first term,  I,  for one,  will not support a second term candidacy.  By that I mean to say,  I will not vote for him, period.  I embarrassed myself by voting for McCain.  I will not do that again.  

Like I always say,  if the GOP wants to snub the TEA Party,  let them try winning an election without us.