Understand this: some of us believe Obama has run out of time. He ran out of ideas four years ago.

After four years,  this is what we have with the Obama Stimulus:  two million fewer jobs-related positions available to the workforce;  a work force that is millions smaller (eight million less workers) than in the beginning of Obama’s term;  a food stamp program that has nearly doubled in size with Obama and Mexico working to advertise for more recipients;  a student loan bubble of more than a trillion dollars  -  most of which will never be paid back to the Central Government;  a mortgage/foreclosure crisis that is relentless;  and a clown in our White House who wants to tax nearly all middle class working Americans during this recessionary period.  

Note: understand that while Obama wants you to focus on "raising taxes on the rich,"  his plan is far more extensive than that.  At the same time he raises taxes on the rich,  he wants to double the death tax,  triple the dividend tax,  and include a new tax increase for all earning $120,000 after taxes -  or most of the upper middle class and the rich.  Heck,  the dividend tax increase,  from 15% to 45%,  will effect 120 million adults,  their investments and pension funds.  This tax, alone,  will affect nearly all American families that produce any level of income, at all.  

When he told the nation,  back in 2009, "Now is not the time to be saving,"  he  included retirement and pension funds.  That GM "bail-out?"  Well,  it was a structured bankruptcy that put the union in control of the manufacturer at a loss of billions in retirement and pension funds held by teacher and law enforcement unions,  folks who were protected from bankruptcy as "primary bond" investors before the lawless Obama came alone. B  Obama orchestrated the GM takeover at the cost of these pension funds,  and,  today,  brags about his genius in this matters.  More than this,  you should know that if GM sold its stock,  today,  it would lose 36 billion dollars off its IPO of two years ago.  Genius my but . . . . it isn't so.  

He is lying to us, all,  when he pretends that his tax effects only 2% of the population and,  it is this lie,  that merits his defeat in November,  if nothing else matters.