ABC tries to blame the TEA Party for the Colorado midnight massacre.

<<<< Ross, chief investigative reporter for ABC and member of the party that invented the KKK and started the Civil War,  now lies about TEA Party involvement in the Friday morning Colorado shootings.  

Colorado tea partier describes ‘surreal’ day of wrongly being linked to theater massacre  —  Colorado Tea Party Patriots member Jim Holmes told The Daily Caller in a Friday interview that his day has been “surreal” after falsely being linked to the movie theater massacre in Colorado by an on-air ABC News reporter. . . . .

Editor’s notes:  one of the most disturbing aspects of the New Demcrat Party’s “campaign strategy” is that it never takes a rest.  Within two days of 9/11,  they were trying to blame Bush for the incident,  doing their best to make the tragedy a national pox on the GOP. 

The Gabby Gifford shooting,  a couple of years ago,  was used to implicate the TEA Party until the bottom fell out of that story,  the shooter being a Democrat and all. 

And, now,  this:  ABC News reporter Brian Ross, appearing on “Good Morning America” on Friday, just six hours after the Colorado shootings,  suggested the suspect could be a member of the tea party, citing the fact that “there’s a Jim Holmes of Aurora, Colorado,  on the Colorado Tea Party site.”  Understand that Jim Holmes is the name of the killer who,  at mid-night Friday morning,  wounded or killed 70 folks attending a newly released Batman movie. 

As it turns out,  there is a TEA Party member named  “Jim Holmes,  of Aurora” . . . . . . .  he’s a 52 year old retired cop and no one from ABC bothered to give him a call or try,  in any way,  to confirm their accusations.  

Understand that Brian Ross is a member of the Democrat Party,  the same party that drove us to a civil war over race, the same party that invented the KKK,  the same party whose presidents segregated the military before entering each of the two  “world wars”  (Woodrow Wilson and FDR).  It is not the TEA Party who chases down CEO’s,  threatens their families,  camps on the porches and uses them as toilets.  It is not the TEA Party that buses thugs from one campaign site to the next,  or attacks the cops in city-wide demonstrations,  or sets fire to new car lots or burns down apartment projects under construction.  It is not the TEA Party that runs to another state when it does not get its way or shows honor to the likes of Chavez and Castro.  Nope.  That is ALL ON THE DEMOCRATS. 

In the end, the Colorado shootings were the work of a single killer.  He was neither a Leftist or a Right Wing nut,  but the commies in the media will not settle for allowing a tragedy to be just that,  a tragedy.  Pigs all.