The High Court just approved of a legislative process that is based in deception. ObamaCare is a stealth tax and is the sole responsibility of the Democrats.

The Lie Has Become Law
We were told this was not a tax and we were told this,  dozens of times,  by Hussein Obama.  Turns out this was a lie. 
Moral Legislative Process Has Become a Joke
Obviously,  legislative process means nothing to the Democrats who supported this law.  They decided to intentionally lie to the people  ("it is not a tax and the IRS will not enforce this law"),  yet defended the law,  before the High Court,  in these very terms.  

What really got shot down,  today,  was legitimate and moral legislative process. It should not be permissible to argue a law in the people's court as one thing,  but defend it in our socially oriented courts in totally different terms.  Democrats love this two-faced approach to legislation,  the Patriot Nation hates it.  
The Future of the Patriot Nation is in Question
What remains to be seen, is how the 19 Republican states view today's decision.  Also,  will this decision excite the Patriot opposition even more,  or serve to discourage and repress their vote.