The Supreme Court just institutionalized "deceit" as part of the legislative process. You Dems must be so proud.

Health insurance premiums are a tax and the IRS is now,  the single most important force in social reform . . . . . unless this idiocy is repealed. George Stephanopoulos is laughed at in an interview with Hussein Obama as this Muslim lover (say it isn't so,  Joe) arrogantly dismisses Stephy's charge.  Now,  three years later,  we are told that Stephanopoulos was correct and Obama's arrogant display of dismissive self assertive deceit was and is little more than a self serving lie. 

As you listen to this video,  understand that Obama is not laughing at George,  he is laughing at all who watch this video  -  Democrat or Republican.  

Understand that Medicaid, passed into law just 47 years ago,  is now 39 trillion dollars in debt.  Obama Care will be worse.  More than this,  ObamaCare cost a dissenting citizen $95 in IRS levied fines in 2014,  $395 in 2015 and $695 in 2016.  You have the Democrats to thank for this and the Democrats,  alone.  

Understand this,  Obama and the Marxist Socialists who are complicit in his plans,  cannot fundamentally transform the United States of America without drastically  increasing the tax burden on the middle class as never before.  He  cannot complete his transformation without driving inflationary rates to 15% or higher.  Home heating costs will increase by 5 fold, under Obama.  Poor folks will not be able to afford to buy a new energy efficient car . . . . . . ever.  Nor, will the poor be able to afford the daily cost of living without help from Central Government.  All of this will become reality by the end of his second term,  should that happen.