We were lied to by Obama and no one cares. He specifically told all who would listen, "This is absolutely not a tax." Obviously, legislative process means nothing.

<<<< As angry as I am,  the fact remains that ObamaCare - as a tax - cannot require States complicity.  How that plays out nation wide,  will be a matter of great discussion throughout the day.  

"Nobody considers this a tax increase"  -- Obama.  We were lied to and absolutely no one cares.  

Never mind the fact that this bill was not written as a tax.  Never mind the fact that the lying sac of  trash we have as a president told us over and over and over and over and over that this bill was NOT  a tax.

We now have, in ObamaCare - the single largest tax in the history of mankind.   

The law remains the most unpopular piece of legislation in modern times.  It was passed as an imperialist function of the Democrat Party.  In the end,  it turns out that Chief Justice Roberts is a social reformer,  as much a liberal as Sotomayor or Elena Kagan.  It was not his job to "figure out" how to make this bill work,  as a matter of law.  Rather,  it was his job to judge the law as it was presented to him  -  an extension of the Commerce Law.  On that matter, the Court ruled the law unConstitutional.  But after making that decision,  Roberts decided it was his duty to make this law work  and defended it as a tax  in spite of the fact that the American people were expressly told that this was not a tax.

Understand that Roberts,  earlier this week,  sided with the OTHER  liberals on the court and against the State of Arizona.  Obviously,  our court system has been completely taken over by social justice crowd and we have been officially  screwed.

If this law is a tax and not a mandate  -  individual states cannot be forced to put the law into force or set up exchanges.