The weekly report for benefits application is out and the number is up from two weeks ago.- other indicators are "flat."

The March 1, 2012 report for the week ending on Feb 25 was  351,000 before weekly adjustment  - 3,000 higher than the initial report of Feb 11.

Feb 18 - 355,000 before weekly adjustment (supposedly, the weekly adjustment was 353,000)

Feb 11 355, 000 after adjustment (originally reported at 348,000 (?)

The fact is this:  we have hit another plateau proving the weakness of this 4 year "recovery."  


Oil per barrel - up to $110 a barrel


Construction spending for Jan. -- down 0.1%

Manufacturing shipping/inventories -- down  4%

New residential housing sales -- down 1 %

New residential construction  --  up 1.5% after Decembers drop of 1.9%

International trade:  The Nation's international trade deficit in goods and services increased to $558.0 billion in 2011 from $500.0 billion in 2010, as imports increased more than exports. The trade deficit increased to $48.8 billion in December 2011 from $47.1 billion (revised) in November, as imports increased more than exports.

Home ownership: The homeownership rate in the fourth quarter 2011 (66.0 percent) was lower than the fourth quarter 2010 rate (66.5 percent). The homeownership rates in the Northeast, Midwest, South, and West were not statistically different from their corresponding fourth quarter 2010 rates.

Corporate manufacturing after-tax profits were down from the 3q of 2011.