HBO - the new Obama Super PAC is exposed by Brietbart's Big Hollywood.

Julianne Moore, the rather unattractive actress who
played "Sarah Palin" in the recent Hollywood/HBO
hit piece on the governor. 
Last week Big Hollywood ran the first in a three-part series titled, ‘Game Change:’ Meet the Lefties Who Turned HBO Into a Pro-Obama SuperPAC,’ and evidenced the ultra-left leanings of some of the top actors, producers and directors in the upcoming Sarah Palin portrayal. We exposed the political slants and campaign contributions of major players such as Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Ed Harris and Woody Harrelson.

This week, Big Hollywood has done an in-depth analysis of all campaign contributions of the top 10 HBO executives, and guess what? With exception of a few contributions to the TIME/Warner PAC, which are encouraged by the company – the benefit the company – every single contribution was Democratic. Big Hollywood couldn’t find a single Republican contribution. Is it really a surprise the network was out to try and take down one of the GOP’s most charismatic leaders?