The Great One has some choice words for Coulter about her assault against Palin. . . . 'bout time.

Addressing Coulter about Sarah Palin,  the Great One, had this to say in defense of our First Lady.  

Beck was the architect of this Sept '10 rally, but
Palin played a significant role.  It is not known if
Coulter or Ingraham attended.
Levin about Coulter:   “I assume there she’s callin  . . . . . . . Sarah Palin . . . . . a charlatan.  This is fascinating to me. Ann, [Levin speaking directly to Ann Coulter] how do you make your income? You give speeches? Make extreme comments? Throw a lot of fists and elbows? Sarah Palin has contributed an enormous amount to the conservative movement, the tea party and to current public debate. She’s somebody to emulate, not to smear.”  (There is a video of Levin at the Daily Caller you might want to see). 

Click to enlarge and you will see just how
many cars are in  route to Searchlight ,
Nevada  to hear Governor Palin address
the Tea Party, there.   
Editor's notes:  most of us are tired of listening to Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter rag on Sarah Palin.  They either forget or are too mindless to grasp the fact that Sarah Palin is one of the founders of the Tea Party movement, and I speak of the "TEA party" specifically.  She was forced to quit as Governor or face the reality that in due time,  she and her husband would  owe two million dollars in legal fees and face the lose of all their physical property.  The design and goal of the vultures on the Left was not only to silence her,  but to take her home and break up her marriage.  Speaking of sluts,  there were two or three environmental sluts dedicated to this over-all purpose  ------   white trash all. And,  as long as the Palin's were "just plain white folks,"  they were doomed to experience exactly what the advancing hordes of Marxists had in mind.

I had great hopes for Sarah Louise Palin and her conservative credentials from the moment it was clear that she was resigning.    So much so,  that within two hours of her resignation,  I had post my opinion as to "what would happen next,"  following Sarah's forced departure from the governorship  . . . . . . . . . and it did not involve quitting.  In my first "Palin post,"  I predicted that she was quitting as governor to join the very new TEA Party movement.  The opening salvo of the Movements national protest took place on April 15th of 2009 and involved hundred of thousands of Americans.  Jim DeMint,  Michele Bachmann,  Dick Army and others were players in the beginnings of this movement and that Tax Day protest.

Sarah  resigned her state office 10 weeks later (July 3rd, 2009),  to begin the rest of her life as a TEA party patriot. The next day,  July 4,  a second TEA party demonstration was held and,  suddenly,  the national Marxist Media realized that they had an opposition movement on their hands.  Fourteen months later,  Sept. 12 of 2010,  Palin played a key role in Beck's Honoring America.  She had written her first book, selling some 3 million copies making it the #1 non-fiction book for the year 2010.  An October 2010 Washington Post canvass of 647 local Tea Party organizers asked "which national figure best represents your groups?" and got the following responses: no one 34% (it is, after all, a true grassroots movement), Sarah Palin 14%, Glenn Beck 7%, Jim DeMint 6%, Ron Paul 6%, Michele Bachmann 4%.    Polsters Rasmussen and Schoen (2010) conclude that "She is the symbolic leader of the movement, and more than anyone else has helped to shape it"  (Scott Rasmussen and Doug Schoen Mad As Hell (2010) pp. 154).  

By contrast,  what has Laura Ingrham and Ann Coulter done,  and I say "by contrast."  Ingraham does talk,  and Coulter does harsh satire,  and we enjoy the contributions of each,  but Sarah Palin is the giant in their dressing rooms and Levine has set the record straight.