Is Obama complicit in Sgt. Bales horrific crime?

Sgt. Robert Bales, a proven man of valor who
suddenly "lost it" and went on a killing rampage
that ended in the deaths of 16 innocents, many
of them children.  
He is an 11 year vet and two tour Afghan soldier.   Sgt. Bales guilt is not the only story.  Obama played a role in this tragedy, as well.   
The AP is telling us that  
A senior U.S. official says the soldier accused in the killing of 16 Afghan civilians is Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the investigation into an incident that has roiled relations with Afghanistan.
American officials had previously said the suspect was a 38-year staff sergeant and that he had spent 11 years in the Army. But they had refused to release his name, saying it is military policy to publicly name a suspect only after he has been charged with an offense.
Bales has not yet been charged. He was being flown Friday from Kuwait to a military detention center at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas.

Updated for content and grammar (3/17/2012)
Blog Notes:  at least he is not going to be left behind to be tried by a savage society that is driven by sheer violence and the most macabre form(s) of punishment known to man.  Of course,  Sgt. Bales has effectively ended his life as a free man.  He leaves behind a wife and children . . . . . . . as should be the case.  
Having said that,  let's do what the liberals love to do,  look into the man's life and the very historicity of the Afghan war to see if there are contributing factors to be found.   Did Obama's willingness to use the soldiers in his command as targets and defenseless boobs in the battlefield play a role in the sargent's  attitude?   A ridiculous question ?? Consider the following and you will understand why I question Obama's allegiance to the troops he commands, all in the context of Sgt. Bales' horrific midnight assault. 

What role did Obama's harmful "rules for engagement"  play in Bales morale?  What is the effect of a wartime policy that attempts to fight a war "fairly" and without regard to the price paid for placing,  as secondary, the safety of our soldiers?  How does Obama's willingness to announce surrender dates and exiting schedules play in the minds of the soldiers he commands?  What message is sent to his soldiers - our children - when he disallows the call for air support from a band of American fighters are pinned down in close proximity to a "residential" area?  What about Obama's catch and release policy  -  a demand to transfer custody within 72 hours or release back onto the battlefield?  Giving Miranda Rights on the battlefield  --  anyone think that might be discouraging?  And what about Obama's intentions to release terrorist housed in GITMO for an idiot's approach to "peace" with the enemy  -  the very enemy killing the sargent's  soldier buddies while negotiations are in progress?  What about the repeated apologies  for the Koran burning(s)  of two weeks ago and the subsequent murders of at least 8 marines since that time - most shot in the backs of their heads by "friendly" forces?  Bales Commander has failed time and time again to stand up for the troops under his command.  
The sad truth of the matter is this: our soldiers are wholly expendable commodities when pitted against the larger narrative - and every "narrative,"  it seems,  is larger than the personal wellbeing of our fighters. Ask yourself this: how many men died taking the hostages we have in GITMO?  And, how many of our own soldiers were killed by the trash that now lives in GITMO?  This is what I mean when I argue that Obama sees our soldiers as expendable to the larger narrative,  narratives of "peace" and "approval" from the world's leaders.  
I would argue that Sgt. Bales is not the only one who should be put on trial, in all this.