Women leaving the GOP in droves?? Maybe someone should look at the evidence offered before nodding in agreement.

Anyone think this is a "centrist" Republican woman ?

"Centrist Women Tell of Disenchantment With Republicans"   

Such is the headline in the New York Times.  The picture comes attached to the Times article  -- and,  of course,  the babe is a “centrist Republican  . . . . . ahhh . . . . woman.”  And the word is this:  these babes are leaving the GOP in droves   . . . . . . . . . you know,  women like the centrist pictured in this post or did I say that,  already? 
Before getting too excited about this news - women fleeing the Grand Old Party -   maybe one should actually try reading this article with a critical mindset.  I did and here is the  paragraph that exposed the Times' conclusion for the nonsense that it is: 

To what extent women feel alienated remains unclear: most interviews for this article were conducted from a randomly generated list of voters who had been surveyed in a recent New York Times/CBS News poll, and their responses are anecdotal, not conclusive.   

All this is to say that the Times talked to a couple of women,  did not verify anything that was said, used anecdotal tales to help them create the myth that women are in mass exodus from the Republican party, and supported their conclusions with a made up poll put out by the radicalized Left (a Times/cBS poll is as far Left as one can get, no?) 

In the common vernacular,  this story is a "nothing burger." 

Point of post:  do not let such editorial nonsense take you off message.  "They" have nothing to push forward during this election cycle so they have resorted to making up "stuff"  and producing phony polling results.