Palin's Saturday morning Fox interview, summarized.

Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News,  Saturday morning (3/3/12), during the 9am hour.  Briefly,  she made these points:

As to the primary process,  Sarah made it clear that she believes that after this coming Super Tuesday,  barring something unforeseen,  we should be able to predict the GOP candidate.

As to a question about Newt,  our First Lady challenged the idea that any of the candidates should withdraw from the contest.

When questioned about a "brokered convention,"  she questioned a potential behind closed doors selection process.  When asked if she would consider being drafted,  she said,  "I will not be asked" and went on to say " . .  we have good representation, today,"  referring to the "final four" in the GOP contest.

Surprisingly (to me),  she supported Santorum's appeal to unionized Democrats in his Michigan election bid,  the very thing that has turned me off from the man.

It is clear to me,  comparing all of Sarah's recent interviews,  that she supports Newt Gingrich's candidacy more than the others.

Would she serve as VP,  if asked?  Again,  she was pessimistic as to that possibility,  but was most enthusiastic in her support of a Col Allen West VP selection.