Liberal Palin Trash Talk and the lessons to be learned by the Right

What to do with the continuing onslaught of Marxist/Lib trash talk is a continuing  concern for those of us on the Right Side of Everything.  There is no single approach.  In the case of Sarah Palin,  however,  the answer and strategy is rather straightforward.  If you are Sarah Palin,  you ignore it.  If you are a supporter of Palin,  you go after the lies with a vengeance. You write letters to the editors.  You address the comment lines of the Enemy's blogs  -- sticking to the facts without the trash talk, you tweet like crazy,  you share brief Facebook commentary, get attached to a local TEA party association,  get involved in "get out the vote" campaigns and even blog.  

Most important of all, do not take their back talk personally. If you are going to get involved,  stay above the fray.   Understand that the Left invented the filthy version of "trash talk."  They are the ones who use "f... you,"  "white n . gger," "c ..t,"  "slut" and "whore" and "teabagger."   And, when you take one of their own words and use it in your dialogue,  they suddenly turn righteous,  somehow incensed that their rhetorical strategies are used against them.  

In the CNN story referenced below,  the article refers to the "best selling book, 'Game Change.' "   If you research stated Liberal "facts,"  always begin with fact that liberals are the ones making the claim.  If "they" are stating the "fact,"  it is probably a lie,  and that is the case with the "best" selling book, Game Change.   When one researches  the book's status,  one finds the "best selling" part to be a strategic fabrication. Try finding out how many books have been sold.  Try finding a NY Times list with "Game Change" on it.  Try finding any definitive listing that gives this idiot's book "best selling" status.  Besides,  Liberals do not read and study,  they only parrot information given to them and get all puffed up when you interrupt their state of peace with real facts.  The book is not a best seller by anyone's standard.  And, the movie will appeal only to those who already hate Sarah Palin.  Here is my original thought at to Liberal efforts to justify the HBO hate-Palin movie:     

CNN is pretending to have published a “fair and balanced” piece,  first reporting on Palin associates angst with the new movie,  “Game Change.”  Before the article is completed,  CNN gives the other side of the story. 

"It's false portrait cobbled together by a bunch of people who simply weren't there," said Jason Recher, a senior adviser to Palin
"Steve Schmidt is proud to stretch the truth in his shoot-first style, and this time he has gone too far," said former Palin spokeswoman Meg Stapleton. "He is abusive and abrasive and nothing short of a world class bully."
Contacted by CNN, Schmidt said that he has screened the movie and defended its accuracy.   "The movie accurately and truthfully captures the experience of the campaign," Schmidt said.

And the reader is left confused.  One would think there would be a purpose to the CNN story,  but,  when it is all said and done,  being "informed" and confused is not much different from being simply confused. 

As it turns out,  all we need to know is this:  was the movie made to hurt Sarah Palin or not.  After you truthfully answer that question,  nothing else is really important. My suggest to Sarah,  for what it is worth,  is to ignore these low life's.    

My suggestion to Sarah,  for what it is worth,  is to ignore these low life's. There is quite a network of support in place.  And Sarah Palin has nothing to worry about,  if the concern is her reputation.  The Leftist scum has lost the battle in that regard.  Sarah has proven her worth and needs to explain or defend nothing.  I am one who believes that gossip,  in the beginning,  needs an answer.  But,  after years of proven nonsense, in Sarah's case, the need to continue the battle is no longer present.  Minds are made up.  The Governor has proven herself a leader,  an excellent spokesman,  and has earned a much deserved since loyalty. 

Point of post:  as long as the media types fail to be function without bias,  as is the case with the CNN article and the movie in question,  the best we can do is to ignore their comments.  HBO has become the media version of a liberal SuperPac and its airing of Game Change will be defined as a success if [only] 2 million cable viewers.  Understand that if aired on network television,  a 6 million audience would be considered a failure.  

Leaving the specifics of this debate behind,  please take time to get involved at some level.