Here is all the proof you need that Obama is kidding about the jobs recovery.

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by J smithson
 We have two Gallup charts.  One demonstrates the steady jobs growth of the American economy - a jobs growth that began well before Obama's Stimulus kicked into gear in the summer of 2009,  and continued at the same rate of expansion well after the Stimulus effectively ran out of jobs-created funding in late-summer of 2011.  The fact is this:  there is no demonstrable evidence that the 2009 Stimulus did anything to effect economic growth. 

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by J. Smithson
 The second Gallup chart brings this fact home.  A simple glance at the chart will tell you that the so-called "jobs recovery"  is a figment of Obama's imagination,  that the levels of unemployment and under employment have not trended in either direction for two years now.  

You should ask,  "Why job growth on the one chart,  but no corresponding circumstance on the other?"  An important question in view of the fact that both charts are produced by Gallup and probably came from the same survey. 

As I see it,  there is only one answer,  on the first chart,  job loss is not given an accounting.  On the second,  it is.  

Understand that when the Obamanites speak of  "26 weeks of continual job growth,  the best jobs expansion in recent history,"  they are [first] lying;  Bush had 52 consecutive MONTHS  of GDP expansion and such is not possible without job growth.  Secondly,  it is less than disingenuous in view of the fact that he never balances his jobs growth claims with number of jobs lost for the same period of time.  When Obama speaks of jobs,  he is not talking about "net" jobs.  He is only attempting to fool the listening audience.  His whole life is built upon this strategy.  More than bully and a crook,  he is a man without a moral centre,  an empty suit,  as they say,  and an empty suit in the most expensive of ways.