.Obama schedules a press conference on Super Tuesday. I have the definitive reason for this scheduling "snafu."

Read this news excerpt and explain to me what this so-called campaign genius thinks he is proving.  To claim that he was not aware of Super Tuesday or the Michigan primary,  that he was not in control of his own schedule,  bespeaks of a gross ineptness that borders on stupidity . . . . . .. if true.  But,  of course, this is not the truth. Obama is in full control of his schedule. With that in mind,  it seems that Obama actually believes he is scoring points by scheduling such nonsense.  More than this,  there  is the implicit message that is most troublesome to me.

In repeatedly telling the national audience that he is not paying attention to the happenings in the conservative community,  he is issuing the greatest insult of all.  Over and over again,  he tells half this nation,  "I do not care enough about you all to keep track of what you care about,  what you are doing and what complaints and concerns you have. You are nothing to me."   

Call it a coincidence, but between White House business and campaign events, President Obama has delivered speeches or campaign remarks that coincided with almost every major Republican presidential election this cycle -- often using the occasions to attack Mitt Romney.
Today -- Super Tuesday in the Republican primary -- Obama chose to hold his first news conference of 2012, an event that guarantees Republicans will not have the media spotlight to themselves for this news cycle. The president took a shot at Romney, almost immediately. "I'm not one of those people who think we should wait and let the housing market hit bottom," he said during his opening remarks, alluding to Romney's advice for how to get the housing market to rebound most quickly.
The president has total control of his schedule for this event, which deprives him of the explanation offered by White House Press Secretary Jay Carney when asked why Obama chose to attack Mitt Romney last week at a United Auto Workers (UAW) event on the same day as the Michigan primary, which had brought the auto bailouts to center stage. 
"We had nothing to do with scheduling when the UAW was going to hold its conference," White House Press Secretary Jay Carney said when denying that Obama held the event in order to be a counterweight to the Republican primary. "It was probably scheduled at a time long before any of you would have predicted that the Michigan primary was going to be a significant event."