Palin leaves the door wide open for service to this country in the political arena. Many us hope that her talents will be used.

No one has taken more abuse and done more for the GOP in a demonstrable way,  than Sarah Palin.  She is hungry to serve and those of us who are her base,  need to commit to activities that find us  pushing for her inclusion within the party.

A rejection of Sarah Palin,  after all,  is a rejection of all who believe in her principles and vision for this country.  

If it does not happen, if she is not advanced with the party politic,   we must make it clear that we are not going away.  God bless this woman.  She has risked her marriage,  the privacy of her parents,  the well-being of her children and, even,  her financial security to achieve a part of the American dream - in her case, leaving her kitchen and getting involved in a world that many of us only wish we could effect.  "They" have made fun of her because she thought that it was permissible to leave that kitchen to help in a nation she dearly cares about.  I am positive that there have been nights that she and Todd felt alienated from each other and from those around them.  Hard times bring difficulties to the best of marriages. No doubt there were lonely times and tearful moments;  self-doubt must have raised its ugly head a time or two, and, yet,  she remains with us,  and is more of a an influence than ever before.

One thing for certain,  she has done what the cowards on the Left cannot do,  and we are all the better for it.  -  blog editor.