Sarah has a word about the more effective strategies the Right needs to pursue.

Sarah appeared on Fox and Friends,  yesterday morning.  She asserted that Obama is  "underestimating the wisdom of women. Because women understand there is access to preventative care and contraception out there, and we don't need government to tell our employers that they must provide that for us. . . .  
Addressing the latest blow-up over Obama's effort to limit religious liberties,  the governor had this to say, "Truly, it is a war on our religious liberties and that violation of conscience . . .  he would mandate . . . .  is un-American because it violates our First Amendment in our Constitution."
With these words,  we see Palin's grasp of Obama's attack against  those of conscience.  This is not a winning issue for Obama as long as the issue is "religious liberty" and the rights of those with conscience.  Palin knows this,  and is doing what she can to herd the anti-contraception crowd back into the corral.   
Hopefully,  Rick Santorum will stop with his campaign against contraception,  and wage war against Obama in his weakest strategies.  Attacking Obama on issues of anti-Christian (especially) pursuits,  is a winner for the Right.