The real reason by the Catholic Church will not change its stance on abortion; it CANNOT do so.

  Two extremely liberal women,  who care nothing about the constitutional issues in play with this controversy,  decided to make headlines as they walked away from committee hearings on religious liberties and the separation of church and state.  Of course,  the Dems planned this demonstration (I call it ‘structured chaos’),  well in advance of today's idiocy.  Will it work?  So far, this assault against the free expression of religious doctrine,  has had a negative effect on the Obama campaign.  I,  personally,  hope he does not compromise.  I like what I see and the advantage it gives us. 

Understand this,  no one is asserting a conspiracy of the "government" in opposing religion,  we are asserting the obvious fact that the godless Obama Administration,  specifically,  is the culprit.  If the committee was investigating the "right of women to have free contraception."  women should have been included as witnesses.  But this was a committee hearing on the assault of the Obama Administration against "the church."  It is more than appropriate,  then,  that Church officials,  those who represent the doctrinal positions of various churches.  should be the ones testifying.  

Understand that "church doctrine" is not something that is determined by fiat or polling.  Anyone remember Pope John Paul,  the most popular Pope in  modern times ?   Well,  before he died,  he made the abortion issue one that could not be changed, the subject of one of his 14 Papal encyclicals. You can research this if you care to,  but you will find that a Papal encyclical, whether ex cathedra or not, is the end of theological debate on a given issue.     The Catholic teaching opposing abortion and capital punishment, for that matter,  are no longer debatable teachings.  They have been written in stone.  And the arrogance of this know-nothing bunch of whiny liberals makes no difference as regards this doctrine or the church's stand on these matters.