Democrats are losing ground on the three top election year issues.

Post script:  We have long argued that our economy will take care of itself.  We have long implied a visceral mistrust for this Administration.  In this Gallup poll,  the two considerations come together.    

Text:  The economy has been "improving"  for some time, now.  Perhaps this Gallup survey has changed,  somewhat, but it is the most recent survey of the issues in question.  And,  surprisingly,  the economy remains of highest concern.  While those on the Left are laughing at the Right,  leaving comments on this blog,  for example,  that tout the fantasy, "you are losing,"  the numbers do not bear this out.  Of course the economy is improving.  Resolute free market capitalism is not to be defeated in a society such as ours.  But none of this has anything to do with Obama's singular solution of "let's throw more money at the problem."  Heck,  his primary stimulus ran out of money nearly a year ago.  Nope.  The business community is adapting to the new and burdensome regulations of this idiot Administration.  Does it (the business community) wait until later in the year,  before breaking out in full recovery?  Perhaps.  One thing for certain,  however,  is the fact that Big and Small Business knows how to make profit;  and the citizenry knows not to trust the Administration in its claims "to have rescued the economy" thus,  this survey.  

Americans' Satisfaction With the State of the Nation in Specific Areas: Low satisfaction and 10-point or more decline since 2008
Let's not ignore the other two categories.  All three spell disaster for this Administration.
Public opinion is growing its dissatisfaction in each of the three categories.  That is the over
riding thesis of this survey.