Obama tells God to change His mind - seems there might be a little problem with this strategy.

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen
Sebelius testifies during a Finance Committee
hearing on Capitol Hill, Feb. 15, 2012. (Photo by
 Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Secretary Sebelius was grilled by Orin Hatch, at a Senate finance subcommittee hearing as to whether anyone bothered to confer with the Catholic Church before making the announced decision, on Friday,  to order God to change His mind on contraception  (that is the effect of Obama's command).  

You will remember that the Friday decision (Feb 10th) was an order from Obama to the Catholic Church to change its doctrine in such a way as to accommodate the distribution of free contraceptives.  Until Friday,  people of conscience functioned  under an accepted  "conscience clause" that has stood the test of time, for more than 200 years and has given conscientious dissenters  the necessary freedoms needed to guarantee their liberty under the Constitution.  

Turns out that no one called or conferred with the Catholic Church.  Obama had made his decision and that was all  that mattered.  So, our nation’s  dictatorial imperialist president ordered his unilateral decision to be accepted by those who disagreed,  and that was to be the end of that discussion.  His personal defense of this command decision included a claim to have considered the Constitutionality of his order,  " . . . . or I wouldn't have made the decision."  

He thinks we all have forgotten his order to the Lutheran Church  and other religious institutions,  to hire anyone who applies for a church position,  whether a believer or an atheist.  I am sure he made the same claim then  -  "if it wasn't Constitutional,  I wouldn't have made my decision."  Turns out the Supremes voted that bit on nonsense down,  9 to 0 .  Even the most liberal of jurists could not go along with this anti-Constitutional legislative opinion (cf. HOSANNA-TABOR CHURCH v. EEOC, ET AL.)

There is no doubt in my mind that Friday's  command "from on high"  will be overturned,  as well.