Palin calls on Romney to do what he really can no longer ignore.

BREAKING: Palin Urges Romney to Release Tax Returns, Provide Proof of 100,000 Jobs Created at Bain Capital  —  Former Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has called for Gov. Mitt Romney to release his tax returns, as well as the data that could substantiate his claim of having created 100,000 jobs as CEO of Bain Capital . . . . . . .

In Sarah Palin’s conversation with Hannity,  last night,  she was very critical about the anti-capitalist attacks on Mitt Romney by Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry.  She speaks for nearly everyone I know.  Rush,  on his Monday show,  spent two hours blasting Newt into next year over this issue  . . . . . .  and he is not all that excited about Mitt Romney.

I listened to Newt’s first defense of this attack,  and I have no intentions of forgetting what he said.  Last night,  Newt made a second defense, on Greta (Fox News show)  but left off those comments that went to the more Leftist considerations of days  (actually “hours”) gone by.  In so many words,  Gingrich [previously] made it clear that in closing down businesses,  Romney had walked off from his “fiduciary responsibility” to those employees who were given their walking papers.  Understand that anti-capitalists believe that an employer’s “fiduciary responsibilities” extend beyond the hourly wage agreement and whatever was in the mixed in terms of benefits at the time the employee was hired.   Gingrich made it clear that he believes as long as the investor “suffers” as much as the fired workers, that was “o.k.”  His specific words included this statement:  There has to be some sense of “everybody is in the same boat.” 

Since making this defense, he has tried to back off his comments while pretending he has not drawn back.  Go figure. 

Palin was not fooled and continues to be critical of Newt on this matter.  But she made it clear that mud fights were a part of the political process. 

As expressed in the headline above,  Governor Palin believes that Romney needs to prove his claim for creating 100,000 jobs and make public his tax returns. 

Me?  Well, while Romney was at Bain Capital,  his investments helped save Staples and Sports Authority. Each employs thousands. He took a failing Winter Olympics (Utah, 2002) and made a roaring success out of the matter. Jobs were created there,  no doubt.  In Massachusetts, there is reason to believe that Mitt's policies helped to create 66,000.  Net job creation for Obama is none existent.  In short,  the "100,000" claim should be easy to prove. 

As to income taxes paid,  I really don't care.  But neither should Romney.  Obama is already planning on painting Romney as the big money,  heartless,  investor type,  with or without his tax revelations . . . . with or without Newt's help.   After all,  class warfare is what Obama is all about.  Understand that Obama has taken $119,000 in campaign donations from Bain Capital over the past three or four years.  

For certain,  Romney cannot ignore either of these issues and Newt believes in class warfare.