Obama takes it on the chin as he works against established religion. Supreme Court votes 9 - 0 . . . . . . .

Good news for religious types and bad news for the Obama Administration and its attacks on freedom of religion in this country. A Supreme Court’s decision,  released today,  sided with the Lutheran Church in its firing of an employee for teaching beliefs that differed from the doctrinal positions of that church. 

Obama is a Christian in name only.  His tenure as president has given much opportunity to confirm this point.

His University of Georgetown commencement speech (2009) was the most egregious example of his contempt until this latest example.  At Georgetown,  Obama forced the college to cover over the symbolic name of “Jesus” before he would agree to give his address.  There is no defense for such crap and now,  he has been slapped in the face by the High Court.

The ruling supports the Lutheran Church as it seeks to maintain its own sense of structural and doctrinal positioning. 

The ruling was unanimous  with no dessentors.

The actual case,  Hosanna-Tabor Evangelical Lutheran Church and School v. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission,  pitted the Obama government  and his EEOC,  against the Christian faith.  If Obama had been successful,  he would have forced churches to hire employees from differing points of view,  including atheists. 

Understand that there has never been a president more aligned with secular causes than this president. 

Today,  he was put in his place.