Obama took in 49,000 votes out of 260,000 yesterday in Democrat primary.

In 2008,  Obama won 104,815 votes in the New Hampshire Democrat primary,  Hillary got 112,404 and John Edwards got 48,000 votes. 

Yesterday,  with 95% of the Democrat vote counted,  Obama received 49,983 votes out of a potential (using 2008 numbers) 254,000 votes.  

Point of post:  things are much worse in Dogville than folks want to admit.  So bad,  in fact,  that I think Hillary will shy away from this election cycle. Numbers abound adding credence to the notion that this election could be more one sided than the Carter/Reagan election.  The economy will have less to do with who wins than folks think. Gallup and Rasmussen show Obama almost "stuck" in the mid-forty percentile. The average approval for an incumbent victory is 55%,  according to Gallup.