Anti-free speech Girl Scouts strike again - this time with an off duty volunteer.

Renise Rodriguez (photo compliments of Priests for Life)
An employee of the Girl Scouts in Arizona has resigned after expression of her pro-life beliefs was squelched.

Renise Rodriguez, 21, is a religious studies major at the University of Arizona in Tucson and, until just recently, was an employee for the Girl Scouts of Southern Arizona. Bryan Kemper, youth outreach director of Priests for Life, tells OneNewsNow that Rodriguez often wears one of their T-shirts to express her pro-life beliefs -- and that that got her in hot water with her employer last week.

She went in to work, off duty, to pick up a few things and was told immediately by somebody in the Girl Scouts office to take her shirt off, and that if she was going to stay in the office at all she'd have to turn it inside out," he explains.

The shirt Rodriguez was wearing displayed the message "Pray to End Abortion."
Source:  One News Now