Newt booed. His anti-capitalist attack really has blown up in his face.

FLASH: Newt Booed At Huckabee Forum Over Romney Attacks; Airs Tonight on FOXNEWS... Developing...

This evening on Fox,  should be very interesting.  

Here is a related headline,  showing Newt has the ability to know when he has stepped over the line.  Too  bad he can't figure that out before he sticks his foot in his mouth . . . . . . . . . day after day after day before he takes it out.  Hopefully,  he is not taking it out just to catch his breath before he reinserts.  

Toooooooooo little,  tooooooooooooo late.  

I really do not think Newt can recover.  

Update:  I listened to the forum,  last night.  This business of Newt being booed has been completely over-blown.  There was a little of that,  when Newt was asked about the Bain situation,  but it was hardly pronounced.  We bloggers have a responsibility to honestly represent the events upon which we are reporting.