Obama attacks Romney and the patriot nation (all of us) says, "Bring it on."

President Obama’s re-election campaign sent out a memo on Friday accusing Mitt Romney of “destroying companies and good-paying jobs in order to reap huge profits,”

Anyone thinks this sounds familiar?  Thanks Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich.

But who really cares about the Obama criticism?  Seriously.  Romney's strongest hit,  on this issue, will come from his own party, not Obama.  

Understand that Obama's hypocrisy on this matter will be legend before our side gets through with him.  For example:

1.   He has taxed the middle class more than any president in modern day history.  His refusal to pay cost of living increases to retirees on Social Security for two years (2010 and 2011) cost those Americans,  most middle class citizens,  more than $400 per person PER MONTH in perpetuity  -  a tax on the middle class of billions,  if not trillions.    

2.   His forced takeover of GM and Chrysler cost thousands of folks their retirement investments (teacher and police unions) when they had originally been protected by existing bankruptcy law from such losses.  Virtually all of these folks are middle class,  as well.  The loss of hundreds of thousands of auto-sales related jobs is well documented, as well.  

3.   As an example of corporate thuggery:  Judaical Watch  who filed a FOIA suit to get hidden documents concerning a nine bank "agreement"  with TARP,  found evidence that  the feds  forced healthy banks to take bail-out money (i.e. Wells Fargo) against their will .  Tim Geithner was in on the ground floor of this banking scheme (with Henry Paulson) .  Virtually all of the monies flowing through TARP (more than 7 trillion that we can prove, so far) has has been managed by the Obama Administration and Tim Geithner.  Elizabeth Warren,  the commie babe running against Scott Brown,  was on the first civilian board overseeing the project, as well.  

Note: as a result of the FOIA suit filed and won by Judicial Watch, I have a ten page copy of signed agreements by the original nine banks ordered to participate,  and a single page entitled "CEO Talking Points"  in which Paulson and Geithner make it clear that all nine banks WILL participte in spite of the fact that they will be presented to public as healthy institutions.  The exact quote from the "talking points" page is this:  "we will state clearly that you [the nine banks]  are healthy institutions, participating in order to support the US economy."  

Of course,  that was a lie,  in view of the fact that the Administration immediately began demonizing these banks for having played a heavy hand in creating the financial crisis.  The banks included were Wells Fargo,  Citigroup , JPMorgan Chase, Merril Lynch, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and two others,  their names written illegibly.  (go to Business Insider for the actual document file).  

Anyway,  keep us on your bookmark list.  I intend to supply my readership with a host of documented indictments against this Administration,  showing it to  the most corrupt of our time.  

The point of this post:  to confirm the hypocrisy of the Obama Administration in accusing any of the current list of GOP candidates with anything.  Obama is a sitting duck when it comes to thuggery,  misuse of funds,  financial favoritism,  paybacks,  and illegal activities as defined by the Constitution. 

The Romney folks should be smiling and rubbing their hands together,  right about now.  The 2012 GOP campaign against Barack Hussein Obama will be an unified campaign against Obama  including the so-called alternative media,  the investigative work being archived by Darrell Issa, governors and legislators across this nation and,  even,  some in the liberal media.