Here is why conservative analysts are as encouraged as they are about the November election.

I have made this point some 30 different times over the past three years.  It plays into our ability to predict the outcome of the November election:  

In 2008,  Obama spent nearly 1 billion dollars to win an election by 7% of the popular vote in a near record turnout..  At the time of that election,  we know that Obama registered a 65 approval percentage.

You tell me,  has he lost at least 7 percent of the popular vote?  What is the difference between a 65 percent approval rate and a 45 percent approval rate (his approval average for the past two years) ?  What benefit did he have as a "stealth" candidate that is long gone in this election?  He has lost nearly 17 percent in every demographic (Hispanic, women, blacks (seriously), students,  young adults, the white working class, and academia).  If a Democrat,  do you pretend that this is not a huge negative?  

Of course,  I would never say that Obama cannot win this coming election,  but things are much worse for a successful pursuit of that goal than Democrats will admit,  publicly.  

Question:  how does this genius win an election by pushing the same policies that have put him in his current predicament?