Here is why Obama's "down sizing of government" is an illusion.

White House Seeks to Merge Agencies

Obama wants this headline to represent his concern for the size of government.  Understand that he is not eliminating the six agencies he has named.  Rather,  he is moving them all into one office building,  and cutting 1,000 personnel over the course of the next decade,  via retirement and untimely death. The size of government will have grown by 30% during the same period.   The 3 billion dollars this will supposedly save is tied to the end of the ten year period.

You can bet there will never be an accounting of this act, should it be implemented.  All this does is give Obama a meaningless talking point as he requests 1.2 trillion in addition funding.  the total savings to the taxpayer is zero ,  since this "cut" is weighed against a net total of  $1.197 trillion in additional spending.