GOP debate tonight on Fox - an A+ performance. Boycott the CNN Thursday debate.

Tonight may have been the first real GOP debate,  after 14 previous efforts.  

For what it is worth,  I believe that Ron Paul failed as he obviously made an effort to escape much of the implications attributed to him.  One of the most ridiculous of notions,  is his thought that there is defense spending and military spending.   Did I hear him say that he was fine with defense spending but didn't want to spend any money on the military?  Of course,  that is not what he meant,  I am sure,  but because we have military bases beyond our borders does not mean that they are not,  ultimately,  for our national defense. He doesn't seem able to acknowledge that fact.  

Secondly,  he does not believe in preemptive strikes.  Until Bush,  it was a matter of policy to allow the enemy to kill our soldiers before even began the discussion as to whether to return fire or not.  Paul would refuse to fire a return volley until he was forced to do otherwise.  I am personally tired of using our soldiers as decoys and pawns.  You kill one of our guys,  we kill ten of yours  ---  maybe more.  But,  before that,  if we are assured of a enemy strike against our people,  their lives suddenly become much more important that the lives of their would be killers.  The notion that Obama has killed more terrorist than Bush is idiocy.  And, it completely ignores the 40,000 dead terrorist killed in Iraq.  The war in Iraq sucked the life blood out of the terrorist effort.  They were not able to overcome the huge number of dead,  their ranks experienced.  Muslim mothers had grown reluctant to see their sons and daughters become suicide murderers for nothing.  The reason why we have so few attempts on our homeland and against our troops is fear of reprisal and the fact that there are not all that many Muslims thugs running around.  Keeping tabs on 100 misfits is much easier to do than keeping track of 20,000.  Thank you G.W.  

Romney,  may have lost the debate.  His Bain Capital defense was mediocre at best.  And he got a solid "F" on his answer regarding the release of his income taxes.  It is obvious that he is most uncomfortable with the demand to produce his income taxes and that makes for serious disappointment for the onlooker.  It just looks bad to stumble around and pretend to give a date for making his taxes public.  He simply cannot have this kind of performance against Barack.  

Rick Perry is so far behind, in this primary race,  that it is not funny,  but he did a much better job tonight than in the past.  He still does not have specific answers for a number of questions.  When asked as to the regulations he would cut,  he hid behind a rant about the need to decrease the size of government and the meddlesome influence of the feds.  Not an answer. In terms of specifics,  I really think Perry is the least informed,  and at this stage of the primary contest,  that should not be the case. 

Santorum at least wore a suit,  tonight.  I really do not care for Santorum's nerdy nature.  I do believe in exceptions to the anti-abortion stance,  exceptions for rape,  incest and the serious health of the mother.  Such matters are difficult decisions,  but the life of the unborn,  in some of this,  does not always trump the life and well-being of the mother.  The mother has a right to life as well.  Most abortions, on the other hand,  offer no threat at all to the mother.  1,4 million infants are murdered each year simply to allow for the convenient lifestyle of the mother.  I call such "recreational abortions"  and they should be stopped immediately.  

Newt,  I thought,  had a great night.  His exchange with Juan Williams was great.  I do think he needs to move on from the Bain Capital criticism. It really does not score him any points.  But if we were to pick a winner,  it would be Newt.  In fact,  at one point,  he got a standing ovation as he defended his belief that younger children should be allowed to work. for a wage.  Of course,  he is not talking about sweat shops and child-slavery.  But the idea that our youth can be taught good work ethics while earning a couple of bucks per hour is not a bad deal.  I did it and I am just fine . . . .  me and several million folks my age.  

Anyway,  a great debate, tonight.  I will not be reporting on the CNN debate.  After  Stephanopoulos and Sawyers,  last week,   I am done with network sabotage strategies.