This past 30 day period, 33, 095 of you came to the world of the Smithson bloggoshere. Thanks a million.

There are 280 million Google type blogs.  The rankings change everyday,  but I am in the 6th million range.  Yes, there are 6 million blogs ahead of me.  Small potatoes?  Well,  compared to the 6 million, yes.  But what about the remaining 274 million ?  Percentage wise,  my combined blogging effort puts me in the top 3% of the Google world.  Sounds impressive until you start talking about that danged old 6 million number. 

Point of post: to brag a little and to offer this warning:  be careful of folks who are always talking about "percentages."  More often than not,  you are not getting as accurate a picture as you might think.