The 111th Senate is the slowest Senate in American history.

Now that the first year of the 111th congress is over,  with one year to go,  the Marxist Media is busy telling you folks that this is the slowest Congress in American history.  Here is the truth.  

The House dealt with and passed a total of 453 bills,  10th lowest total of all time  ---  but still not bad.  The House was actually in session about half of the year, a common working average,  and passed nearly 3 bills per working day.  

The Senate,  on the other hand,  passed just 80 bills.  A total of 373 bills were sent to the Senate that Harry Reid refused to put on the Senate's calendar . . . . . the worst record in American history.  20 of these bills were bi-partisan jobs related bills passed in the House.

Note:  Click on this link for the full list of the 343 bills the Senate has fail to enact, sent to it by the House.  

Add to the Senate's breach of leadership, the fact that Reid has refused to pass a budget for three consecutive years . . . . . . .  never done before in American History, as well.  In the place of those three budgets,  we have had 17  "continuing resolutions" during this three year period.  

Understand that the strategy of the Obama One Worlders is this:  

create the illusion that Congress is no longer functional,  that the only solution is a radical or fundamental transformation.  With that in place,  an exasperated electorate just might agree to change the very nature of our traditional form of governance.

That is exactly what has been going on for the past three years. 

Ask yourself this:  why has the congress become so partisan, so divisive?  Obama wants you to believe that the system is broken.  I am telling you this:  it is only infected, it is sick and the cure is to be found in this coming election. 

If Congress had done its job and passed an annual budget,  we would have had only three budget fights instead of 17 !!  Don't be blaming this on the GOP.  They have had nothing to do with this stealth bit of structured chaos.

In view,  then,  we have this overview: 

The House is doing its job.  The Senate is not. 
The House is Republican and conservative.  The Senate is not. 
The Democrat 110th Congress under Reid/Pelosi refused to pass a budget for either 2010 and 2011.  
The GOP House passed a budget for 2012.  The Senate did not.
The GOP House did its job, "slow" as it was.
The Democrat Senate was the slowest in history.