California Auditor Uncovers Misuse of Funds, Lack of Competence in State Government

Well, what do you know?

At the O.C. Register, "Much tax money lost to theft, malfeasance":
As the Romans said, "Who watches the watchmen?" They meant: Government watches out for crime and corruption in private society. But who will do so for the government itself? In the early days of America, government was small, and the people could keep a close eye on it themselves. But nowadays government is so gigantic, especially at the national level and for the state of California, that the people get only glimpses of what's really going on.

California at least has the state auditor, currently Elaine M. Howle. On Dec. 11, she issued a report, "Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees." It's shocking reading for anyone who believes that government is a sober, clean operation that deserves more of the taxpayers' money. No actual names of culprits were provided.
It should be shocking, these revelations, but it's business as usual in the once-Golden State.