Bill O'Reilly Talks With Jennifer Griffin About Petraeus Sex Scandal

First, check Allahpundit's post at Hot Air, "Bill Kristol: A source tells me Petraeus wasn’t completely honest in his Benghazi briefing to Congress." There's video at the link. Apparently Kristol claims a source told him that General Petraeus mentioned during his first congressional testimony on Benghazi that the administration's version of the events --- the anti-Muslim video story --- didn't square with the CIA's own intelligence, and that Petraeus wasn't sure which version he should spout when going before the congressional committee. That a big story, which we'll know a lot more about once Petraeus again goes before Congress. But here's this also from Allahpundit:
By the way, if you’re looking for the latest episode of “Real Housewives of CENTCOM,” here you go. Two sources tell Fox News that the e-mails between Gen. Allen and Jill Kelley were in fact a bit more than flirtatious and amounted to the e-mail equivalent of phone sex. I confess, as I was reading the story, I completely lost the plot for a moment as to why it’s newsworthy and how we arrived at the point where we’re all interested in it. It matters, I guess, because Allen has been nominated to be the U.S. commander in Europe and this reflects on his judgment. Or because maybe, depending upon how many e-mails there are, it shows he’s been spending way too much time dallying with Kelley instead of attending to his duties in Afghanistan. I’m not sure how the FBI stumbled onto their e-mail correspondence in the first place, though, or even whether it was the FBI at all or some Pentagon agent vetting Allen for the Europe promotion. (See Marc Ambinder’s list of questions about FBI behavior in this case.) Did Kelley invite the FBI to read her e-mail initially in order to track down Broadwell, and then they inadvertently intercepted e-mails to her from Allen? If that was a risk, why would Kelley invite them to read her e-mail in the first place? Or maybe there’s more here than meets the eye.
Actually, there's no need for all that speculation, especially if folks are keeping up with the investigations at Fox News. Here's Jennifer Griffin on last night's O'Reilly Factor, which clears up some of the points raised by Allah:

A stay with the video until the end. Griffin also discusses the issues with a military stand-down at the order of the White House. U.S. forces were not deployed for a firefight with the terrorist attackers at the consulate. This point is one of the other major story lines that is at the center of the administration's clusterf-k.