Answers to the question, "Why did Romney lose," cannot be fully answered without considering Sarah Palin's place within the 2012 party, and its determined plot to rid the party of her influence.

<<< While Palin was magnanimous in her support of Romney,  the GOP RINO population was not,  with regard to the First Lady of the New Conservative Movement.  

From the WJS:  Here is what the exit poll found. Mr. Romney's personal image took a hard hit during the primary campaign and remained weak on election day. Just 47% of exit-poll respondents viewed him favorably, compared with 53% for Mr. Obama. Throughout the campaign, Mr. Romney's favorable ratings were among the lowest recorded for a presidential candidate in the modern era. A persistent problem was doubt about his empathy with the average voter. By 53% to 43%, exit-poll respondents said that Mr. Obama was more in touch than Mr. Romney with people like themselves. 

[The WJS article did not mention the fact that this particular issue was wholly driven by the Marxist Media in support of B Obama – blog editor].

(A second consideration is this):  Mr. Romney was never fully embraced by Republicans themselves, which may have inhibited the expected strong Republican turnout. Pew's election-weekend survey found Mr. Romney with fewer strong supporters (33%) than Mr. Obama (39%). Similarly, a much greater percentage of Obama supporters (80%) than Romney supporters (60%) told Pew that they were voting for their candidate . . read the full article at the online Wall Street Journal.  

Editor's notes:  there can be little doubt that this second consideration was a major factor.  Not only was Romney not fully accepted, the RINO population within the GOP decided this would be a good time to formally ignore the tea-party influence and,  especially,  Sarah Palin. 

Like I always say,  go ahead and try to win an election without giving a place at the table for the tea-party.  This decision may have serious consequences for the GOP,  in the coming election cycles.  Boehner's decision to publicly deny the existence of a tea-party caucus is one of the more disturbing lies told by Gop leadership,  since the election.  Keep in mind,  that the McCain/Palin ticket not only garnered more votes than Romney,  but captured a larger voting block within the Mormon constituency as well.