Obama and his foreign policy reviewed.

Thanks to The Right Perspective

<<<  Did you know that Saudi Arabia has approved of Israel attacking Iran,  while Obama is busy revealing Israeli attack plans?

The IAEA [today 8/30/12]  is telling us that Iran has doubled its count of centrifuges located in what is feared to be  an impenetrable underground [Fox News].  The only people who believe that Obama has a vibrant foreign policy are those who either hate colonial America or are completely uninformed. 

He cut and ran from Iraq,  meddled in Egyptian politics,  backstabbing Mubarak and opening the door to a complete,  Muslim Brotherhood takeover of that country when,  before the Backstabbing,  such was not in the cards.  He defended his interference in Libya,  bragging that he responded in under 30 days while sitting on his hands for 18 months,  watching more than 30,000 Syrians,  mostly innocent civilians,  butchered by the their president.  

And,  last December,  he began a 10 day,  four million dollar vacation courtesy of the American taxpayer, on the very weekend Iran charged its first nuclear reactor. 

His wife has taken 17 vacations costing  millions and millions of taxpayer dollars.  As a First Couple,  they have consumed more caviar than any first couple in our history and conducted more after-hours White House parties (approaching an unbelievable 3,000 in total) than any of his predecessors. 

Obama has made more televised speeches than all presidents since and including FDR,  combined  (726 such speeches in the first year).   Understand that this is significant to this point:  he will have spent less than 9 months,  sitting on his butt,  in governance,  out of the 48 months he has pretended to be president. 

Think about this:  how long would it take you to play 110 rounds of golf (18 to 36 holes),  especially when you are terrible at the game?  Are we talking about three months???  Three months of doing absolutely nothing but playing games. 

Point of post:  just to remind the reader of the fact that Barack Obama is the most prolific “do nothing” we have ever had in office of President.  

As to Obama revealing Israeli attack plans, I specifically have in mind Obama exposing the arrangement between Turkey and Israel,  giving Israel a staging base close enough to Iran to make its attack wholly viable.  Traitorous.  At Foreign Policy,  last March,  we were told of this circumstance  --  the implicit result of an Administration intent on preventing an Israeli attack on Iran,  "leaking" information to the American press.