Fox News cancels all interviews with Sarah on this last night of the GOP convention.

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Update:  well, apparently,  Fox backed down.  Cavuto and Hannity just interviewed our First Lady.  

The timing sucks:   FoxNews canceling the single most important grassroots voice in the GOP on the night our road to victory begins.  Jerks all  

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While this is very frustrating news,  it comes as no surprise to this editor.  The upper class at Fox has pretended to be supportive of Governor Palin,  for years.  They were as transparent in this as is their effort to pretend Bourbon Boy,  Shep Smith,   is some kind of conservative news caster.

My advice to Sarah  -- shift into high gear.  It will be years before you stand alone  --  if ever.  

Sarah  is much respected and loved and her place in the grassroots movement is not to be ignored. 

She is at the middle of the conservative storm driving the current  political debate and taking back this nation for its founding principles. She is not the only one and the Governor would be the first to make that note.  But,  every time we see Paul Ryan,  Marco Rubio,  Ran Paul, Ted Cruz,  Nikki Haley (who will ignore the fact that Palin took up her candidacy when she – Haley -  was running out of gas and in 4thplace in the primaries),  and anyone sponsored by tea-party patriots,  we must acknowledge the iconic contribution of Sarah Palin. 

There are many conservative hero’s in all this,  but Palin is at the center of the storm and facing a very discouraging decision on the part of the hypocrites in the Fox News management. 

Understand that this election will be won because of the selfless contributions of patriots such as Sarah Palin,  Michele Bachmann,  Jim DeMint, and a host of others.

Addressing the RINO/status quo element within the GOP,  I always say this:  

try winning an election without us.  

That was the message of the ’08 election,  with 5 million disorganized  patriots staying away from the polls.  Abandon the cause and its 20 million adherents   and you will be sent packing  by the conservative majority.  That is not a threat,  that is an absolute promise. 

Palin conservatives constitute a huge portion of the Fox audience.  We do not need Fox nearly as much as Fox needs us  --  we already have our “alternative” media.