If the Obama Care Tax Act is, indeed, a tax, it can be repealed with just 51 votes in the Senate. Who knows, maybe we get the last laugh, after all.

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Matt Cover / CNSNews:
White House Statement on Obamacare Mandate Tax Contradicts Supreme Court Ruling  —  (CNSNews.com) - The White House said Friday that the Obamacare insurance mandate tax is a penalty for not having insurance - a statement that directly contradicts what the Supreme Court ruled Thursday. . . . .

Editor’s notes:  the ignorance displayed by this White House is mind numbing.  They defended the Obama Care Tax Act as a “tax”  before the High Court,  won their appeal on that basis and that basis alone,  and now want you to think that it is not a tax,  despite the fact that the IRS is in charge of enforcing this “penalty.” 

Here is what Roberts had to say after he rewrote the government’s oral arguments:   “The Affordable Care Act's requirement that certain individuals pay a financial penalty for not obtaining health insurance may reasonably be characterized as a tax.”

Like it or not,  Obama and his Marxist/One World hordes have passed the largest tax on middle class working folks,  in the history of the world  -  seriously.  Understand that this legislative action is not health care reform,  but only a monstrous tax that adds 160 federal agencies to the list of government concerns and $420 billion in new taxes (over ten years). 

If left alone,  this Obama Care Tax Act will be wholly unaffordable within fives and will implode upon itself.  Monthly insurance premiums will continue to rise at three times the rate of inflation and a entire population of young adults,  who typically wait to buy insurance because of their early entry into the workforce and comparative low wages,  will now be required to spend at least $550 a month for individual insurance coverage.  Obama has to have these suckers in the system because they represent a source of income against which there is very little expense.  Because of Obama, these young adults to own insurance in spite of the fact that they do not get sick, as a matter of course . . . . . . .but, hey,  they can live with their Mommy and Daddy for four extra years. 

When we say Obama is a “tax and spend” Democrat,  we mean to say that he is just that. 

Understand that his is the party which supports Masturbation Day celebrations (whatever that is) at Planned Parenthood and opposes a balanced budget amendment.  His is the party that hugs all over Castro and Hugo Chavez but orders the Christian church to violate its own doctrines and conscience.   His is the party that is working against the sovereignty of the United States while sitting on the sidelines,  waiting for someone else to stand up for the folks in Syria -- 14,000 dead in that country while Obama picks his nose and brags about his early intervention into Libya.

And now,  Obama and the Democrats have raped the youth of America,  “given” them something they do not need and will not use,  and expect them to vote them back into power.  

End Notes:
Out of Canada, we have this observation
When the Democrats were selling Obamacare their mantra was that the financial penalty charged to those Americans who refused to obtain medical coverage was absolutely, definitively, NOT a tax. I recall ABC-TV’s George Stephanopoulos’ direct question to President Obama and his reply: “This is not a tax”.
Turns out that Mr. Obama was dead wrong, because today the United States Supreme Court determined that Obamacare was constitutional by virtue of Congress’ authority to tax, but could not be justified on the basis that it was a matter of commerce, which is the way it was sold to the House, the Senate and the public. Not surprisingly, that’s how Obama’s lawyers sold it to the Court once they realized their “commerce” argument was not going to fly. . . . . Canada.com  http://o.canada.com/2012/06/29/oops-its-a-tax-obamacare/n: