About the nonsense of global warming alarmism.

<<<<<  Too bad he can't swim, right??

Joe Romm / ThinkProgress:
NBC Meteorologist On Record Heat Wave: 'If We Did Not Have Global Warming, We Wouldn't See This'  —  Tweet of the heat wave, from the National Weather Service:  —  It is friggin' hot!  —  How hot is it?  It's so hot that all-time records are being set in June: “Nashville has reached …

Well,  again, the foreigners at Think Progress get it wrong as they parrot the Socialists' party talking points on global warming.  Look,  indeed, 118 in Kansas is hot, hot, hot.  But we are having a cooler than average on the West coast.  No heat wave in Mexico.  Canada is cool . . . . . so I ask, "Why is this all about global warming."  Nothing global about it, period.  

Think about this:  if we have six districts,  five of which run normal temperatures and one has a very hot summer,  the average for the six regions, combined,  will increase,  when,  in fact,  only one region is having a problem. And that, ladies and gentlemen,  is how the Alarmist do math.