Obama, the first president to meet with an avoid "progressive" fellowship in Netroots Nation - "progressive" being the harmless appearing version of "socialist."

Obama tells activists ‘change is hard,’ in video message to Netroots Nation
By Meghashyam Mali - 06/10/12 08:36 AM ET  The Hill
President Obama taped a surprise video message for activists attending the progressive Netroots Nation conference, telling them that "change is hard, but we've seen it’s possible.     Four years ago, we came together because we shared a simple belief — that people who love their country can change it. And you have," he said.
"I know it hasn’t always been easy. I know the petty political fights in Washington can be frustrating, and believe me, I know that. But I hope you’ll look back and think about the fact that everything you did, step-by-step and day by day, has helped bring about the changes we’ve fought for. . . . . . .
Editor's notes:  it seems incredible that one would have to issue this reminder but such seems to be the case. Those who listen to Obama --  and, really,  Obama followers have little else to do but listen  --  seem to believe that "hope and change" began with the Slickmeister.  
Obama is moving the country in the same direction he and many of his predecessors  have directed for decades.  There is absolutely nothing new about the gay marriage issue,  or the Environmentalist Army or "universal health care,"  or the notion of wealth redistribution or the anti war movement  --  oops,  I forgot,  he is not anti-war,  just anti Bush's war --  or the social antics of Marxism's cradle-to-grave mentality.  
And the "hard" part?  That is because he is trying to accomplish what the masses do not want.  
Make note of the fact that he won the 2008 election with a 7 point margin and an approval rating of 65%.  This Rasmussen chart is a graft of those who strongly support his efforts and presidential policies.  Those who strongly disapprove have outnumbered those who are his strongest supporters every day of his administration since and including June 30,  2009 !!!  
Will the election be a close call?  I don't think so,  but many disagree.  If I remember correctly,  that is what they said about the Scott Walker recall election of last Tuesday. There was not a single poll taken that showed Walker winning against the recall by anything other than "the margin of error."  Instead,  he won by a very solid 7 %  --  same margin of victory Obama experienced in his first presidential election.  
Christmas 2009 and the White House tree/
shades of the Maoist, Anita Dunn.  
The folks oppose his assault on the Catholic Church and Evangelical values.  He lost the war with the Bain Capital thing and his attack on stay-at-home moms.  ObamaCare is so unpopular,  that it,  alone,  might cost him re-election.  He has a clown for a Vice President and some of the worst financial advisors in American history. Under his genius,  the US financial system was downgraded for the first time.  He is the first to meet with the press, in private and daily meetings throughout most of his first year in office.   He is the first president to give up secret information belonging to our allies  (England and Israel).  He is the first to hire Maoists and Marxists into our White House.  No president has ever aspired to ruling over church hiring practices before the "Christian,"  Barack Hussein Obama (Hosanna Tabor Lutheran vs EEOC),  or ordered people off their land using powers that he claims are above judicial review  (Sacketts vs the EPA).  He is the first president to take over a private company,  GM, and, in the same action,  destroy the retirement incomes of thousands of teachers and police,  primary GM bond holders all,  with legal rights under established contract law,  legalese that were ignored by this Anarchist in our White House.  He is our first president to have a "Mao" ornament hanging from the White House Christmas tree  --  an act that lead to a band on future photos of the Christmas tree.  He is the president who will be credited with allowing Iran to "go nuclear."  He is the first to have federal agents killed because of the idiocy of one of his DOJ gun-running programs.  He is the first to replace "harsh interrogations" with anonymous drone killings.  He is the first president in our history to meet with an avoid socialist/progressive movement in Netroots Nation  (understand that "progressive" is kinder, gentler term for "socialist."    He is the first president in our history to facilitate a "kill list" and to personally manage that list. He is the first president in the history of our country,  to order the name of "Jesus" covered over as a condition of a speech given at Georgetown University in 2009.  
May 7, 2009, Obama gives a commencement speech on the
campus of this [very] liberal Roman Catholic college, but not
before ordering the symbols for the name "Jesus" covered
over . . . . . . . . . .  and this Jesuit school bowed to his pagan
demand  (link to story)

I could go on,  but the point is made:  things are hard for this novice in our White House because this expansive list of "firsts."  We can only hope that on the first of next year,  we need to be able to celebrate the end of his term as "president."  

End notes:  Netroots Nation

From Wikipedia:  

Netroots Nation is a political convention for American progressive political activists, originally organized by readers and writers of Daily Kos, a liberal political blog. It was previously called YearlyKos. The 7th Annual Netroots Nation conference will be held in Providence, Rhode Island from June 7-10.[1]
The origin of Netroots Nation is traced to a time when a tremendous and growing number of citizens gathered every day in the virtual world to raise their collective voice and proactively influence their government. That group is broadly called theNetroots and has since grown to include progressive organizations and politicians who use new media technologies to communicate with their constituents. The convention rebranded to Netroots Nation in 2007 in an effort to more accurately reflect the makeup of its audience and mission of implementing programs that teach and empower Netroots communities to effect change in the public sphere.
The first ever Netroots UK (http://www.netrootsuk.org) was held in January 2011. The second Netroots UK will be held June 30, 2012 in London.
Netroots Sweden (http://www.socialdemokraterna.se/netroots) was held April 27-29 in Stockholm.
Netroots Nation is a joint project between Netroots Nation, a non-profit non-partisan organization that aligns itself with the Democratic Party, with support from the Netroots Foundation.

Don't you love that last sentence:  " . . . . non-partisan organization that aligns itself with the Democratic Party . . . . . "  Just more BS from the Left, and to think there are those who don't see the contradiction.