Contrary to popular opinion, Obama did NOT take back his statement, "The private sector is doing fine."

Apparently all have missed the point,  except Midknight Review.  On Friday morning,  our Chief Financial Novice,  Barack Obama,  said,  "the private sector is doing fine" after making the case for 4.3 million news jobs created in the 27 months.  The statement was deliberate,  borne out of a line of reasoning that tells Obama,  "I can say this and get away with it."

Of course,  this rhetorical strategy failed miserably.  While 4,3 million jobs have been created (that is an 160,000 per month increase),  365,000 folks per WEEK lose their jobs (in the private sector, primarily) and make claims for first time unemployment benefits.

If we do the math, we discover that during the time 160,000 new jobs are created (per month),  the economy is loosing 1.46 MILLION jobs (per month).

It is just plain insulting to think that this clown in our White House thought he could  introduce a talking point designed to fool all who would listen to his financial nonsense,  an effort on his part to convince the masses of what cannot be true.

Understand this:  opposition to Obama is no longer a matter of Right versus Left. Not at all.  Rather, it is a matter of commonsense versus financial idiocy.