Fundraising news: Obama continues to run second to Mitt Romney and Mitt has not yet kicked it into high gear.

Obama took the above-the-fold headlines for, oh,  four or five hours,  when his campaign announced that Obama's fundraising efforts took in 60 million dollars.  Amazing.

Too bad for the Slickster.  Turns out that Romney's campaign announced a 76.8 million dollar harvest for last week, as well.  Get ready to hear how unfair all this money business is " . . . . not fair that those rich Republicans are contributing to this year's campaign."

Look,  for years and years,  the Democrats have out-funded the GOP,  what with its hold on the trial lawyers,  the three major networks,  special interest lobbyists and Wall Street. . . . . . .  oh, I almost forgot the $300,000 million (on average) coming in from the various national unions.

In Wisconsin,  the little known truth of the matter is this,  until six weeks ago,  the Marxist Dems had buried Scott Walker and Friends in terms of money available,  imported union demonstrators and TV ads.  Then,  the word went out and within a couple of weeks,  the GOP fortunes had reversed itself.

You should know that Obama spent $750 million in 2008 versus McCain's $358 million  ---  both totals were election year records,  separate from the each other !! 

In 2004,  John Kerry raised $230 million not counting the millions spent by the Marxist Media,  George Bush raised $270.  

In 2000,  Bush raised $100,  Gore raised about the same amount.  

In 1996,  Dole and Clinton each raised $35 million.  

As you can see,  big money elections are a fairly recent development.  Surprised?  I was before writing this post.  More than this,  really big money elections began with Barack Hussein Obama in 2008.  That 750 million dollars was an astronomical total,  almost an impossible amount, nearly 20 times the amount raised by Bill Clinton in 1996.  

The humor in all this is found in the fact that the Dems were thinking they had jumped the gun on political fund raising.  Turns out,  big money expects results  -- and Obama has produced none of that.  What he does own,  however, is the fear factor.  The whole world knows that he will cut your throat if you work against him and he wins.  Four years of Chicago style presidential rule has proven this to be true.