Wanted: Obama's school transcripts; will pay10,000 bucks !!

I have no idea if this particular blog (The Trenches) is one that I would recommend,  but that is besides the point.  What is important is the bounty being offered for Obama's school transcripts . . . . .  10,000 bucks !!  

We had to wait for four years to see his version of a legitimate birth certificate.  Am I a "birther?"  Well,  not exactly,  but you will excuse me for being suspicious of a document that should have been produced in 20 minutes or less,  a document that was initially represented by a phony substitute, and a mystery trip to Hawaii, on the part of candidate Obama, during the '08 campaign;  a trip for which Obama suspended his campaign to visit his sick grandmother in Hawaii (she really was sick and later passed away);  a trip for which Obama strangely refused to allow any attending press corps (pronounced "core" for all you Democrats, out there).  We have no itinerary for his time in Hawaii and not a single picture after he stepped off the plane,  at the airport.  I remember that, at the time,  the press remarked as to the "strangeness" of this circumstance.  Media always documents the moves of the candidates and president.  To order the press to stay away,  raises suspicions and only the most partisan would argue with this conclusion.  

Did Obama visit the County Recorder's office while there?  All we have is Obama's testimony on the matter. In fact,  I don't think we even have that.  I am not aware that anyone bothered to ask him.  And,  before his trip to the Islands,    all we had was a couple of newspaper clippings.  But,  anyway,  true or not,  the birth certificate is "off the table."  

So, why not ask for the man's transcripts?  Should be no problem.  Should be something he can produce in, say,  20 minutes or less.

So we watch as Obama successfully navigates away from this issue, as well.    We do need to be careful that this does not become a distraction.  We do have plenty of material on Obama.  If we cannot run him out of town with what we know,  the transcripts will not help. But, still, someone is trying to find these transcripts and Sheriff Arpaio is doing follow up on the birth certificate.