Think Democrats and Republican parties are the same? You should read this.

I hate it when someone tries to make the case for moral equivalency between the Democrat Party and the GOP.  Maybe 40 years ago,  you could have gotten away with that comparison.  I mean,  JFK would have no place in the Democrat Party of today.  Heck,  I was a Carter-voting Democrat back then but "card carrying commie" (Van Jones and, in her own rite, Anita Dunn) is not something I can support. Gangland tactics such as reprisals against those who are legitimate but opposing-party  donors are standard fare with Democrats and, again,  part of that which separates modern day Democrats from the civilized world   (see the official Obama campaign site  for a list of eight donors slimmed by the Obama hit machine).

In the video, below, you have folks who are not just run of the mill  Democrats but  union leaders and teachers-for-heaven's-sake . . . . . . .   and I could produce dozens of such examples if anyone was interested.  Seriously,  take few minutes and give this speech a listen.  Just a minute or two out of the the six will give you a full-on take of what to expect when you cross paths with our wonderful teachers and courageous "we're for the common man" union leaders.   And all this angst (in this video) is being directed against Wisconsin's Governor because he dared to model public unions after the federal model, under Barack Hussein Obama.  Geeeeesh.

Point of post: just another reason for ending the current socialist reign of terror.  "We" ran them out of town in the first part of the 1900's and we can do it again in 2012.