"Negotiated Peace" and "Surrender" are the same thing (??)

On Tuesday,  May 1,  the birthday of Karl Marx (just saying),  Obama spoke to the nation at 4.00 am, Afghan time, from an empty Afghan military warehouse (no troops were present - gee, I wonder why),  and explained that he was working on a "negotiated peace" with the Taliban.  Obama wants us all to believe that we are at war with al Qaeda, not the Taliban,  when,  in fact,  there is no ideological difference and the Taliban is the force currently  killing our soldiers in far-way places.  Our Resident Novice  is pretending to be making peace with them  . . . . .  because we are not at peace with them !!!   I mean, if we are not "at war with the Taliban,"  why are we trying to negotiate a peace treatise?  Are you Democrats really that stupid?

Understand that while a  "negotiated peace" is in the works,, according to Obama,   we are in the process of leaving that country  . . . . . .  and here is a very important word . . . . . . . . . . . . "anyway."   We are negotiating peace but we are leaving, anyway.  Sounds a bit ridiculous,  don't you think?

And what is a "negotiated peace," anyway?  What does that mean?  In view of the fact that we are leaving the fight,  I have no clue.

It was revealed in the Sunday news coverage,  that Obama is releasing some of the most dangerous Taliban held in US custody in an effort to demonstrate our sincerity as we work for "peace."  No one asked him to do this.  He is just doing it.    What is most troubling with this news is the fact that these Muslim killers are being released back into the Afghan battlefield.  My favorite word,  "Moron," comes to mind,  but,  honestly,  this goes far, far beyond stupid.

My question is this:  if we do what the enemy wants,  how can we dare call the outcome, "peace?"  Understand  that we are getting nothing, absolutely nothing,  in return for the current prisoner release.    It is precisely the same as a bully's demand to "leave or face more beatings"  and our decision to leave.  Apparently,  this is the Democrat version of peace,  but not in the language of the masses.  Obama will not score any political points for this idiocy. Peace at any price is not  a negotiated peace,  it is sheer cowardice, and the American people know the difference.  Do the American people want out of Afghanistan?  Yes.  Do they want to turn tail and run? I don't think so.  But, in view of the fact that we will be in Afghanistan come November, I really do not think this election cycle will be about this issue. . . . . . . . . anyway.