If Europe is a "sign of the times," is Obama in trouble, here?

Hugo Chavez is in elective trouble in Venezuela. Germany's Prime Minister,  Merkel,  just witnessed  a disappointing election in that country in which her national party lost a great deal of power.   The French President,  Nicolas  Sarkozy, just elected in 2008,  lost his re-election bid over the weekend to a socialist promising to raise taxes on the rich,  and,  Greece is seeing a resurgence within its socialist, communist and Nazi parties.

What is going on?  I really believe all this has less to do with left/right politics and more to do with change for the sake of change.  People in the particular countries listed above,  want their societies to "work" and are willing to change their government in the hopes that someone "has a better idea."  Of course,  unless and until Europe's socialist unions willingly support the austerity programs that are needed,  societal rebellion on a grand scale seems to be unavoidable.

The European mess puts added pressure on the Obama campaign.  If he thinks he is going to rekindle the high hopes of 2008 by tearing down all those who oppose him,  blaming Bush, continuing his class warfare agenda and manipulating the jobless numbers, it is not likely that he will win re-election.  Without a plan for spending reforms and job creation,    he is in serious trouble.  Change is something he promised and, upon which,  he did not deliver.  Is Europe a fore-bearer of our coming election?  That is the question of the moment.