Week Three - Day Two of the 2012 Campaign for President.


1.  Obama gave a holocaust speech, Monday,  that did not receive good reviews.  With the speech,  he continues the theme that he is Israel's greatest presidential friend.
2.  Today (Tuesday) he got national coverage on some networks with his speech to a select college crowd,  as he touted his campaign to give away more money for student tuition. His "enthusiastic"  numbers with young people under age 40 has fallen from 76 percent in 2008  to 46, now .
4.  Obama continues to "double down" of the theme of "fairness."  Understand that  fiscal accountability is not nearly as important to Obama as is the notion of "fairness." (Click on the hyperlink label below - "fairness" for confirming articles).
3.  Rasmussen has Obama running behind Romney by four points.  Many believe this is indicative of an early campaign problem for B. Hussein that goes beyond serious.    He has been campaigning for, at least,  a year and half,  while Romney has just finished grueling and very negative GOP primary.  He really should be "up" by 10 points or more.
4.  The Secret Service prostitution/GSA scandals are proving to have more "legs" than Obama and Company prefer.  What is troublesome for the Administration is that such scandals suck the blood out of campaign strategies, not to mention the daily headlines.


 Romney wins all five primaries by substantial margins (56% or more) and delivers an excellent speech - probably his best to date.  He stressed the "unfairness" of Obama's economic policy,  and, generally, presented an upbeat message centered in returning prosperity to our nation and confidence in America throughout the world.

The really good news about Romney,  is the fact that the politicians mentioned in his search for a VP candidate, have all been quite conservative.  Senator Kelly  Ayotte of New Hampshire , Marco Rubio (Congressman from Florida), and Senator Rob Portman (Ohio)  are all GOP congressional figures supported by local tea-parties and very well thought of in their local communities.

The best one-liners of Romney's speech were these:

It is still about the economy and we are not stupid.  

A better America begins tonight