Van Jones brags about hundreds of thousands of green jobs when the total is closer to 4,900. Geeeesh.

The lie and the liar: 
Van Jones, one of Obama stooges,  tells one of the most ridiculous lies of the Obama term. "We’re going to be circling each other for a long time in this country, until, frankly, the generation and a lot of the young people in [the] Occupy [movement] are of a certain age where they’re just running the country." He adds that some 2.7 million greenjobs have been created during the Obama administration

The truth: 
According the Bureau of Labor Statistics,   green energy companies employ just 4,700 people nationwide, 

Within this industry and according the DLS report,  green employment/jobs creation report breaks down in this wise:
  • wind ---  2,200 jobs,  
  • biomass --- 1,100 jobs 
  • geothermal --- 600 jobs
  • solar --- 400 jobs
The supposed "thousands of green energy jobs" President Barack Obama has widely touted,  after pumping billions into green energy firms,  are 90%  short-term construction jobs.