After spending millions more than the Republicans, Obama is running dead even and the Republicans are still fighting with each other !!

Bad news for the Obama campaign.  Understand that no four state collective is more important in the coming election,  than Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Virginia.  According to a Rasmussen survey of these four states taken on April 5,  Obama is "up" on his GOP opponents by a margin three points.  In terms of "margin of error,"  that puts the Slickmeister in a tie with Romney and Santorum. Another way of interpreting the same survey would be to conclude that Romney and Santorum are up on Obama by one or two points.

Additionally and what you may not know,  is the fact that Obama is spending money at a record clip, coughing up 156 dollars for every one hundred dollars collected  --   same spending theory with which he runs this nation's economy.

The fact that he cannot "move away" from his GOP opponents when they are busy fighting each other, is mystifying and a very good sign for the GOP.  Some of us on the Right,  believe that when the rate of spending and his idiot social agenda (for the campaign) are taken into consideration,  he is a big time Loser.

Ask yourself any of the following as relates to his campaign's social agenda:  why would this so-called "campaign genius" challenge the Catholic Church (and its 140 million members)  on its belief system in a campaign year?  Why would he let it be known that he intends to ignore the middle class white worker (another 35 million folks) during this campaign year?   Why would he work full-time to stop the Keystone Pipeline and the hundreds of jobs it represents?  Why would he take on the Supreme Court when only 15% agree with his position?  Why would he align himself with the hippies in Occupy (4,000 strong),  or the trouble makers in the Congressional Black Caucus, or the socialist controlled unions to the exclusion of private sector laborers?    Why would he risk the well-being of Israel for some misguided anti-war agenda that 75% of the nation rejects?  Why would he push "green energy" when that industry is 20 years away from being a serious player in the nation's energy supply and gas is nearly three higher than when he took office?

I could go on,  but why?  In these issues,  stands his success or failure.  A "campaign genius?"  That proposition is becoming a real laugher.